UK Improved Signage v 1.2 [1.28.x]

Uploaded by moddy

This mod aims to replace UK road signs in ETS2 with more realistic versions.
– Corrected UK 30mph signs
– Replaced all 60mph signs with ‘National Speed Limit’ signs

– Replaced the UK ‘No Waiting’ sign with no U-Turns (the no waiting sign is hardly ever used in the UK, yellow kerb lines are used instead)
– Replaced all other UK street signs and dangerous bend chevrons with more accurate versions
– UK Speed cameras are now yellow on all sides
– Replaced UK roadworks speed signs with clearer more accurate versions
– Replaced all UK city entrance signs
– New UK gas station ‘price boards’
– Replaced UK border ‘drive on left’ and speed conversion signs
– Replaced all UK ‘small road navigation’ signs (arrow direction signs not on motorways)

Credits: Phil Bean

Download (5 MB)

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