“Great steppe” Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan that opens the way from Europe To Asia through the Project, RusMap. The map contains two countries: Kazakhstan and part of Russia – which was built to connect with the map RusMap. Modification works both by itself (at the right side from the main map and not associated with other, that is, Autonomous ) or

in conjunction with RusMap and other modifications…
In version 2.0 presents two regions of Western Kazakhstan – Western Kazakhstan oblast and Atyrau region, as well as a small part of Saratov region of Russia.
– The way to Asia
– Flat terrain, hills, steppes, deserts, semi-deserts
– Broken roads (sometimes)
– Sparsely populated areas, long distances.
For health need: Euro Truck Simulator 2 – 1.30 .x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia!”
New settlements:
Kazakhstan: Uralsk, Inderborskiy, Atyrau, Dossor, Makat, Kulsary.
Russia: Ershov.
New roads:
In The Republic Of Kazakhstan: A-27, A-28, A-29, A-340, M-32, E38, E40
In Russia: R-236, E-38
Game version: 1.30
No reupload!

DOWNLOAD size = 200,0 MB

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