Seasonal Add-On for Realistic Graphics Mod v1.2 for Ets2 1.30.x game version

Add-on for using Realistic Graphics Mod with the current seasonal mod from Grimes. Version 1.2

Current season:
– Winter-spring version of weather and lighting, customized for the Mild Winter mod;
– More sunny weather;
– Removed cumulus clouds;
– Low temperature readings.

New Version 1.2:
– Adaptation of add-on for Mild Winter mod.

RGM version: 1.9.2-2.0.2.
Mild Winter version: 2.8.
Game version: 1.30.

Mod includes Promods Compatibility Addon, it needs to be disabled, if used.

Also mod is not compatibility with other Frkn64`s addons for RGM.

With other winter mods, conceived lighting and work without errors are not guaranteed.
Compatible with ProMods 2.26 and RusMap. With other maps not tested.

The order of mods installation in the mod-manager (the first item has the highest priority):
1. Seasonal Add-on;
2. Mild Winter (required).
3. Realistic Graphics Mod (required);

DOWNLOAD size = 6.9 MB

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