– removed the gate from Brasov-Tradeaux, a prefab bug.
– corected the romanian police spawn ratio (again, thanks to Alin)
– corrected the font files for cars and police cars (also Alin’s hand)

This is a complete BETA map of Romania with 42 cities, as i’ve promise, all the main cities from every county.

All the cities are fully operational with companies and garages to start the game in.
All cities are are brand new, no copy/paste was used (what’s the point?). Some are big, some not.

The map was tested with TSM and RusMap together and it’s working fine. NO additional file needed. I wait for feed back about other maps.
The Southern Region works also probably. For SR you can use also the Constanta-Ferry package for Promods, i have a ferry active in Constanta too.
Not Promods compatible.

DOWNLOAD size = 166.5 MB

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