This mod replaces most of the default companies with real company names, logos, signs and trailers.
42 Print – Vistaprint
Bitumen – Caterpillar
Bushnell Farms – Kraft Heinz
Charged – Best Buy

Chemso – Exxon Mobil
Darchelle – E & J Gallo
Eddys – 7 Eleven
Gallon Oil – Chevron
HMS – John Deere
Plaster & Sons – Beazer Homes
Rail Export – Union Pacific
SellGoods – Costco
Sunshine – Dole
Wallbert – Walmart
Added trailers: BP, Shell, BASF, Fedex, DHL, Texaco, Sunoco, Kroger.
In game trailers also added to traffic.
Compatibility Latest Version: 1.29
Changes in v1.5
Updated for 1.29

DOWNLOAD size = 3.5 MB

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