A map made for yourself, in the future there will be more, more extensive and diverse versions of this map.

– Fields purchased
– 2 fully playable farms
– 1 purchase of all crops
– Purchase of straw

 – Cows, pigs, hens (all triggers from animals on farms)
– Eggs sale (eggs are collected from nests located in a chicken coop)
– Polish climate
– Openable gates (no modification required)
– Clean LOG
– Reset machines on a meadow near farms
– Shop with machines
– Modernization of machines in the store
– Long, narrow fields
– 38 fields
– Filling water from the pond
– Filling of fertilizers and seeds on farms
– Refueling machines on every farm
– Full PDA map
– Machines for start
– Chopped straw mod (required chopped straw mod in mods folder)

Credits: SQBANY

Psary_v1 (file size = 375 MB)

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