PROMZONA V2.2 1.30.X

The archive includes fixes for the connection by land of cards: “Russian open Spaces” v 5.0″ + “RusMap” v1.8 and “Russian Expanses” v5.0″ + “RusMap” v1.8 + “ProMods” v2.25.
Between maps made by industrial area where a lot of companies.

To run this modification, required DLC “Going East!” DLC Scandinavia DLC and “France”.
Mod Russian_open_spaces_28map for ease of connection cards can not be used. All spelled out in the fixed PROMZONA 1.30_ROS_RM_PR.

The Upgrade Of The Industrial Zone:
– Fixed base
– Bug fixes

The archive contains the following files:
1. PROMZONA 2_1.30_ROS_RM.scs – connect “Russian Expanses” v5.0″ and “RusMap” v1.8,
2. PROMZONA 2_1.30_ROS_RM_PR.scs – connect “Russian Expanses” v5.0″ + “RusMap” v1.8 + “ProMods” v2.25.

DOWNLOAD size = 19,3 MB

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