Hello Guys,

Version 1.3
– Tensioning straps on the sick head are fixed and reusable

Here I present you my second version of the Heckkran Mod. Since the Palfinger some complained that the props did not extend far enough, I again designed a complete substructure. This time, the Ponsse crane from Bufallo served as a construction.

Now I want to have a new version of the Rear Crane Mod. Because a few people complain about the Support Legs, i build a complete new one. This time I used the Ponsse Crane from the Bufallo.
Notice: this is not a Reality Mod. If you do not like it, do not download it!

The Mod has the following features:
– unfoldable supportlegs (animations will be reworked in the future)
Ponsse Decals
– 3-Point Hitch for Front and Rear. It’s a great place to stay.
– Shop Graphics
Trailer Hitches for big and small tippers
– Cranecamera
– working lights

Credits: Modell: Giants / Endless Dark

FS17_ponsse_crane (file size = 19 MB)

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  1. a.w

    best and most used mod i have


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