The performance of a CR combine is immediately apparent. As? Through the side-mounted model description! The first number (7, 8, 9 or 10) indicates the performance class. The higher the number, the higher the engine power of the combine harvester. The last two digits (80 or 90) are used for positioning within the series or class. A higher number means higher performance.

The ECOBlue ™ SCR technology, equipped with the CR7.90 and CR8.90 models, allows compliance with the Tier 4A exhaust gas standard and also makes a significant contribution to reducing operating costs by increasing the fuel consumption of your combine harvester by up to 10% reduction.
Models: 7.90 8.90 9.75 9.90
Varifeed 7.5m and 9.6m
Standard script with washable, indoor huds, wheel configurations.

Credits: Papenburger40, looke, giants

FS17_NewhollandCRExtendedPack (file size = 105 MB)

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