My realistic edition of AI Pack v6.8 by Jazzycat

Uploaded by Dejf94

Edited AI pack. I didn’t like spawn rate of some cars, which I find unrealistic. There were also problems with maximum speed and parking attributes. Here is list of features of mine edition:

– In poor countries, mainly those Eastern ones, were lowered spawn rates of expensive cars, especially Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Instead, I increased spawn rates of old poor cars, like VW Golf III, Peugeot 406 or Opel Omega A etc.
– In Iceland (Promods players know) I increased spawn rates of offroads and terrain vehicles, and lowered spawns of microcars and expensive cars.
– Lowered spawn rates of very rare cars to almost zero or little above, these cars had usually set spawn rate to common (1): Alfa Romeo Brera, Citroen C6, Mercedes-Benz CL, Mercedes-Benz G, Toyota Land Cruiser, VW Corrado.
– Increased position of “home car makers” – for example, in Czech Republic I increased numbers of Skoda and also slightly increased numbers of Korean Hyundai, which is very popular and produced there. Skoda cars were also increased in Poland and Slovakia. In Slovakia, I increased Kia, which is produced and popular there. In Hungary, Suzuki is produced and popular, so I increased Suzuki SX4. I also increased Seat in Spain.
– Some countries I left without major changes, especially the Western ones – Germany, Benelux countries, France and Scandinavia countries as well.
– Some cars were locked in most of countries for no reason. Now you can meet Jeep Cherokee, Land Rover Freelander or Maserati Ghibli in some countries (Germany, for example).
– Edited maximum speeds of some cars. For example, Ford Focus Mk.1 had maximum speed set to only 85km/h, so you were not able to meet it on highways.
– Edited “parking_allowed” attributes. Allowed for some cars and denied for some. You will see.

Credits: Jazzycat

ai_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.8 (FILE SIZE = 361 MB)

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