MADE COMPATIBILITY TO 1.29 update and DLC New Mexico !!
1. new roads inside Sacramento
2. new connection from East to Sacramento

3. new highway from Sacramento to east, direction Carson city nbr.50
4. new city Rosemont ,CA
– company pns_con_whs
– company mha_constr
5. new place Mather Airport ,CA
– company airport
– company MHA Service
– company McDonalds
6. new city Rancho Cordova ,CA
– company MHA Service
– company ed_mkt
– company wal_food_whs
– company Burger king
7. new company Airport (will be used on some places around US)
8. new highway 50 from Sacramento to Rosemont
9. many new roads around those highways
10. some new Billboards for NBA
11. around 40 new Billboard
12. Oakdale
– company roadwork_mha
13. new highway 50 from Sacramento to Rancho Cordova
14. new road from Oakdale to Rancho Cordova
15. Los Angeles
– new look with Billboards
– new roads are opened
– company Mc Donalds
– company Burger King
16. new place Globe ,AZ
– company Mc Donalds
– company car service
– company gal_oil_gst
17. new company Car service
18. fixed company Target and parking places Double trailers
19. fixed company Ikea and parking places for Double trailers
20. fixed Ikea company visibility in game map

DOWNLOAD size = 312,2 MB

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