MF 620 V1.0

Hello once more farmers
Here I present a new modification edited by my XD

MF620 1.0
++ Is washable—–x
++ Has lights——x

++ Has a footprint on the wheels–//
++ Is multicolor–x
++ Has no registry errors—//
Still missing details but totally playable
If you find any error leave it in the comments, Wait for more actializations for this mod
As always, many hours of work. Have fun.

Credits: vegueta


MF_620 (file size = 10 MB)

Comments (3)

  1. jean louis jondeau

    bonjour,impossible de moissonner ,il faut ouvrir la tremie et rien ne se passe ,merci de m’aider.

    1. Yannick

      Idem pour moi, quelle est la solution ?

      1. alain

        idem pour moi impossible de moissonner


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