Kinze ProSeedEK

Update version 2 of 28.11.2016:
– New textures
– Lights and turn signals added
– Direct sowing now works

Here are the Kinze ProSeedEK.
A pneumatic precision seed planter machine with fertilizer for fruit varieties sunflower, corn, rape, sugar beet, Soybean
Working Width: 6.8 m
Operating speed: max 21 km / h
Seeds: sunflower, corn, rape, sugar beet
Fuel capacity: 2500 L seed Spray 1800 l
Price: 65.000, – €
Maintenance: 5, – €

Credits: jerrico


kinzeproseedek2 (file size = 7 MB)

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  1. PHM

    Great mod, can you make the option for the cover to open. that way the seeder trailers and machines can re fill it. same for fertilizer.


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