Foldable mounted “Azurit H – Hybrid” sowing machine

The Azurit H is mainly based on the brand-new Azurit 9 from company Lemken.
But this machine is equipped with an innovative dosage system to seed all seeds or seedmix usual in trade

without any converting the dosage unit itself.
For optimal seed-placement are different deposit systems available or still in development.

– Workwidth: 6m
– ready for all seed typs (based on real prototyp dosage-system)
– different deposit attachments for different seeds (work in progress)
–> can transport with JCB Skidsteer
– Upgradeoption: fertilizer system (external tank needed)
–> modified “Amazone FT 1001” fronttank for using with granulated fertilizer can download on my homepage
– Upgradeoption: ridgemarker
– follow ground and many physic based animation (pipes, share, wheels)
– adjustable tools
– compatible to MOD: ProSeed

Credits: ImpTS

FS17Contest_ITS_Lemken_AzuritH  (file size = 13 MB)

Comments (2)

  1. Frank

    Can´t load seed ingame

  2. corron

    je n’arrive pas a remplire la trémie de semence, qu’elle et la touche pour remplir ?


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