This the final version until the 2019 game comes out. I added the greenhouses, coffee beans and compost and all crops from the no seasons map. I have fix the error of sugarcane My own version of sugarcane and added haulm redone the animals to make sure the animals don’t walk over objects. The 1.5.1 must of help with the crops that I added back in.

New trees lime mine sawmill area
Notice: I have just updated the map. I removed the winery and grape crop and added back in cotton. I have resolved the problem with seasons mod. I have added the seasons mod and customize the FS17_RM_GEO_USMidwest. I have rename to FS17_RM_GEO_MRB. The zip file is call UnzipModsMap. You will need to unzip and than put the 3 mods in your mod folder. You will need to remove the FS17_RM_GEO_MRB, because it is only for the Missouri River Bottoms map when you change to another mod map. The map has more updates. I have added a new Main farm. I have downsized the area it covers. I have added more fields numbered now 53 fields, Only 9 fields you can purchase, the rest is owned by you. I have added bakery, brewery, sugar factory, winery, and wool factory, all fabriks. I have fix gates, now they are in map without having placeable. The wind turbines are from game and now you have income from them. New sell points, Walmart’s, Lowes, Price Chopper and The Turkey Roust, I added more animation to map You have new birds, snakes, chickens, cows, horses, farmers, and sheep. I almost forgot I added butchery where you can sell livestock to. I also added the immediate hogs and sheep to. Hogs are at farm 5 and sheep is at the south farm, just east of Walmart’s. The Turkey Roust is a bar and grill dance floor, bar, pool tables, juke box. etc. It is located at the west end of the Southwest town. I have downsized the trains from 6 to 2. There is one spline train at each set of tracks. The in game trains runs along the spline trains. Each train covers one half of map. I know the map 4x map with a large download. I know there is a warning and here it is: Warning (physics): Add trigger callback failed, object PlaceholderForAnotherTrigger is not a physics trigger. I haven’t figured it out what it’s means. I have played the map for many hours. I have bought cows and hogs, so far I have 3 new pigs. I have added back corn2 it can be used for silage. I have replace mustard and lavender with grape and hops. I have added more silos for silage, some drive through and others not. I probably left something out. I hope you enjoy the map.

Credits: Giants

Download (file size = 2 GB)

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