I converted augers and meridian bin to fs17.
meridian hopper is placeable and has a capacity of 250,000l. (u can change that in user attributes section in GE if you want)
farmking I changed it up some by all frame pieces are one not individual components anymore.

sakundiak is the same.
to unload bin drive sakundiak under bin then u will be able to hit r to reload auger from bin then it will transfer to truck.
mouse is used for controls and x unfolds hopper on farmking and wheel mover on sakundiak. same controls as fs15 versions.
have any issues post in support section. don’t have any fill level indicator on bin yet. I will update when I do.
have fun.

Credits: farmking: model=brad squire / textures=bcbulher / ingame=killerrf/alfalfa6945
sakundiak: model=isotope / textures=killerrf / ingame=killerrf/alfalfa6945
meridian bin: model=isotope / textures=killerrf / ingame=killerrf


AugerBinPackUNZIP (file size = 39 MB)

Comments (2)

  1. Allan

    when you are filling the bin with crops the crops comes out of the side of the bin on the ground

  2. will

    I cant buy the sakundiak, the game just sits there when I hit pay, I have to hit esc to stop purchase


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