Fael Environment v3.0 by Rafaelbc for Ets2 1.30.x game version

New update 18.12.2017

Note from the Author:
As someone said in another topic, “Realistic” is a strong word, so I’ll not say this mod is realistic,
but it gives a better visual to the game over the standard’s ETS 2.

For now, this version is 100% compatible with Standard Europe Map only.
I haven’t tested this mod with ProMods and TSMMap yet, so I can’t tell
if it will work properly with these maps.

New Update for v3.0:
Some trees have been replaced to avoid glitches through bridges.
Even though the trees that I had replaced before were not that big, they were still glitching at some places.
I replaced them for normal-sized trees. The grass has been replaced back to the normal ones.
I’ve just adjusted the colors to better match the textures.

DOWNLOAD size = 213,9 MB

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