What is the point of the mod?
Having levels on truck accessories is pointless because if you are in a real life situation you can just head to the dealer and buy a truck with whatever chassis, engine, cab configuration you want.
What’s going to be in the mod in the future ?

The mod is compatible with all Standard trucks but I will be starting to add compatibility to other modded trucks!
I have fully redone the mod, It is based on a new extracted def file from V1.30x
Mod is going to be updated for every game update or dlc that is to come out !
-Adapted to V1.30x
-Recreated The Mod From A Clean Def File
-Added Compatibility to Scania R & S (New Generation)
-Removed other Compatibilities (Will be recreated in a future update)

DOWNLOAD size = 1,8 MB

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