Hello dear friends LS
Today I place my Doll Panther to download.

The loader is equipped with many features,
among others, with:
Tarpaulin or hidden
Ramps up and down

ramps widening
broadening Klein
broadening United
extend loaders
The Doll was purchased by me Meistro, of Gallinger.
The model is assembled in a small team and
Ingame been brought.

Therefore, a thank you to Gallinger for the model,
and a big thank you to the people who helped me.

The model is a beta model, you can still
some from the model Rausholen but lacks the time.

Credits: Gallinger / meistro


DOLL_Panther_FS17 (file size = 11 MB)

Comments (2)

  1. Clément

    Comment avez vous fait pour ouvrir l’arriere je nis arrive pas!
    (How did you do to open the back I do not happen!)

  2. Clément

    I find it’s W the key to open


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