Here is my County Line edit that I’ve worked a lot on to get it fully Seas0ns mod compatible. It took a long time, but I wanted to make sure this edit lived up to the original maker’s standards. The foliage layer required a lot rework, the course play issues have been fixed, and I’ve cleaned up some of the various things around the map, including adding seed and fertilizer triggers to the main farm.

 The starting vehicles has also been updated so that you can actually use them if you want to start from scratch.
A big thank you to Blueweb for the original map and giving permission for this edit to be released.
Thanks to ccs101 over at FS-UK for the help in fixing the foliage layer issues.
Thanks to Spanky for the play testing and feedback.
Thanks to the AEM community for the help in getting this edit that took well over 50 hours to do!

Credits: Broncfan03

Download (file size = 1 GB)

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