Version 1.2
In this Version i have made somme changes
Added a Saegewerk
Production of Beer Added
Added Production of Boards
Production of CargoBox Added

Hotel Added in the Map
Rebuild more Secondary Roads
Add Signs
Rebuild the start Forest and many more have fun
Version 1.1
Rebuild somme Fields
Farm Updated
Diner Rebuild now buy Flour
Roads updated more objects
Fish Mod Added
Added Flour Mod
SawMill Updated
Bakery now buy Flour
Create a big Place for your Placeables mods
have fun
(Big Thanks to The Snake for the Help for Mods and Scripts)
This is the Colorado Map small and medium Fields
There is a forestry plantation and animals
Small Bga Wood and WoodChips sellpoints
Textures Added
In the map you have all the features from the game LS17
Hope you enjoy

Credits: Model: Giants

Colorado_Mapgh  (file size = 574 MB)

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