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Cattle and Crops – DevLog Update – AI Harvesting & Analog Controls

Today we have another bug fix update for you and some good news regarding the performance: we have managed to tame the voxel technology! There shouldn’t be any more CPU spikes/lags when dynamic heaps are created, when filling a trailer for example.
With the task planning you can now also let the employee steer the chaff cutter. This means, a field can now also be harvested by the AI. However, there are still some possible situations where the player might have to help out.



With today’s update we introduce animal farming to Cattle and Crops. You can now buy, sell, transport and feed your bulls. We give you the the appropriate machines to do this, like the Strautmann Verti-Mix 1801 Double, the silage shovel Typ S from Bressel and Lade, a Joskin Betimax RDS 9000 as well as the Claas front-loader FL-100 which fits the Arion.
You can buy your bulls at the trader and decide, if you want them delivered into the shed automatically or if you want to transport them yourself with the cattle truck and unload them at the farmyard. At the trader, in the shed and on the pasture there are transfer boxes in which you can move bulls via the menu. This is needed so you can target the specific bulls you want to transfer.
At the moment we don’t have additional ingredients for mixing the fodder. You can gather fodder from the silo, put it into the fodder mixing wagon and fill the feeding troughs in the shed. However, we have built in a little effect: The fodder will be optimized a little bit, when you use the mixing wagon. We call it SuperSilo2000!
The silo can’t be covered and uncovered at the moment, for the time being we have placed an already filled one.
The models of the bulls, like the other ingame characters, are only placeholders and will be reworked later, together with the animations.




Our main focus at the moment is on the combined basic mechanisms and processes of chopping and automated transport. We are working for instance on the AI and its turning maneuvers. These ensure that the employee drives behind the chopper when working the field. We basically want to prevent the employees from moving outside of the fields when working.
The chopping update is expected to be released next week.