Sugar cane ready

Various terrainfixes (trees shrubs etc.)
Slurry placed
Press pallet plant placed
Buy fertilizer and seeds at the point of manufacture
Fertilizer and seed storage were placed at the farm
Diesel storage was placed at the farm

 The boards pallets sale was relocated and decorated accordingly.
MODs were implemented like
Tire Dirt
Ground Response
More Tree

Everything has remained as it is, except that I changed the yard a bit and added new buildings.
The sawmill site was a little aufgehübscht and expanded.
Sawmill (standard sawmill replaced and no other added)
soy milk
Bio Diesel
Milk pickup at overpipe in cows possible.
Of course, diesel, milk and board sales were also added.
Ground Response and Saw Dust installed directly in the map, the MODs, if used, are now no longer needed for this map.
Things I will not block are additional fruits, lime, compost. Oats etc.
No Shoppedstraw
There are no other production chains created, the card remains the standard faithful and processed, which brings LS17 with i
What updates are perhaps minor terrain changes and pampering.
Kind regards!

Credits: Script: Giants/ Kevink98
Idee / Konzept: Ap0lLo

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