– New flares. Choose the one you like.
– New truck lights and smooth lights switching.
– Traffic lights addon including 8 new flares for AI cars.
Changes in version 3.1:
– No AI lights during day (

almost all maps supported)
– Lighter blinkers
– New beacons texture
– Roadwork lamps blink with interval and illuminate ground
Please read about mod structure before use!
BFv3.1 1.Base for ETS2 – mod itself. Now including option “No AI lights during day” (almost all maps supported).
BFv3.1 2.Headlights White/Yellow (choose the one you like) – smooth switching and different headlights colors for trucks and traffic is here. Should have higher priority than base mod.
BFv3.0 3.Default Traffic Addon – mod adding different flares to default game traffic. Warning! Incompatible with AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat!
Warning! If you experiencing crashes – put all your traffic packs below map mods.

DOWNLOAD size = 16,1 MB

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