If you cheat in this game there is no fun anymore. What’s the point of having millions from day 1? (except for testing).

So, i present to you a …Normal Economy Mod. Not super, not REAL, not anything than normal. “REAL” it’s not applying in this game because the costs of a real transport company are more than : gas, repairs or whatever it is in this game.

I know, “OMG another economy mod?!” Yes, but let me tell you what you will get with this:
– the bank is there to help you grow or start a business. You can have a 50.000, 100.000, 250.000, 1.000.000 as a loan but not in a first day. You have to prove something before you can get 1 mil!
Be careful, the return time limit and interest rates are pretty tight, the daily payments are hard to cover and for this you will need to produce money. Sounds familiar?
-a little reduction of damage data but in normal amount so you will need to drive carefully to avoid money loss.
– a normal garage it’s 70.000 and an upgrade it’s 30.000. This are normal prices for purchased propriety or for construction of a new wing. In real life this it’s related to position, city, country etc. but in the game itself we have just one price. So this is an average.

DOWNLOAD size = 55 KB

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